DepED Complete Set of JHS-SHS Self Learning Modules (Grade 7-12)


Self-learning modules (SLM) are learner equipment containing a lesson written in a way that students can easily understand and do even without the teacher at his side. It was written for distance learning.

The K to 12 Curriculum Guide, Teacher’s Guide/ Teacher’s Manual, Learner’s Material/Textbook guide has been a guide to writing them.

Each SLM contains a pre-test to ensure student knowledge and preparedness in the new lesson.

There is also a post test to ensure that what has been learned in the finished module.

It contains tasks to measure what the learner learns and meet the various needs and abilities of each learner to use it.

These DepEd self-learning modules (SLM) will also be translated into different formats, as well as radio and TV scripts to be used in online distance learning (ODL) and the TV/Radio-based Instruction (TV/RBI).

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