Mitsubishi Strada Car: DepED’s New Official Vehicle

Mitsubishi Strada Car: DepED’s New Official Vehicle

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

The Department of Education ( DepEd) now has a new official Mitsubishi Strada car.

Mitsubishi Motors Carworld Pampanga recently supplied DepEd with 166 Strada 4×4 GLS MT units. The DepEd fleet, which already comprises 88 trucks issued to the Agency in December 2019, will be added to these vehicles.

Now, we know what some of you would think: What will be the use of DepEd for hundreds of brand new Mitsubishi Stradas 4×4? Each device bears a price tag of P1,465,000 (provided they have been purchased at SRP), so this is by no means a small transaction.

The Strada units can be used to perform inspections by DepEd field engineers. Considering these vehicles are 4x4s and fitted with 178hp and 430Nm torque-capable 2.4-liter DOHC turbodiesel engines, DepEd workers should have no difficulty accessing even less available areas.

As we continue to gear up our actions, hang on to the wheels of our objectives, reflect on our dreams, and have a secure trip in our mission, no school division office will be left behind, “DepEd Under-Secretary Alain Del Pascua said in a speech.”

Paul Laus, president of LausGroup, says his organization is more than willing to assist DepEd in its mission, adding that the department would be delighted with its current official vehicle.

We are proud to have been chosen as the Department of Education’s official car. We inform the government department that the Strada is a very powerful pickup truck constructed to be rugged and built to produce excellent performance. “Mitsubishi Carworld Pampanga is also committed to offering outstanding vehicle repair facilities on a daily basis,” Laus said.

Article from: Top Gear

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