Lesson Exemplars All Grade Levels and Subjects

Lesson Exemplars All Grade Levels and Subjects

This Lesson Exemplar is a compilation of Lesson Guides that can be utilized by teachers in teaching the new normal. The lessons cover all the learning competencies needed / required for the 1st quarter.

Good Lesson Planning

Successful preparation of lessons is key to the teaching and learning process. A qualified instructor is well on his or her way to a good teaching experience. It takes a great deal of time and commitment to create fascinating lessons. You must be committed to investing the requisite time on this endeavor as a new teacher.

It is also important to note that if fascinating execution practices, along with good classroom management strategies, are not in evidence, the best prepared lesson is useless. There is a wide body of literature available on the creation and implementation of lessons and the role of management of classrooms. They are skills that need to be studied, structured to the particular personality, applied in a circumstance of teacher / learning, and, if necessary, continuously reviewed and upgraded. In the execution of a classroom management method, continuity is of the utmost significance.

Both educators should understand that they are not themselves an island. The district’s instructional vision and the essence of their classrooms can be the driving force behind what happens in the classroom. The code of discipline of the school, which should be equal, accountable and substantive, must be expressed in the management activities of each teacher’s classroom.

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