LDM Module 4: Free Answers Free Download

LDM Module 4: Free Answers Free Download

  1. With the DepEd adoption of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) approved by the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), in coordination with relevant bureaus and offices in the Central Office and with Education Forum partners, will be implementing the training activities for teachers and school leaders in relation to the capacity building component of the BE-LCP.
  1. These training activities as well as other related activities aim to:
    a. improve the readiness of teachers and school leaders for the implementation and management of learning delivery modalities consistent with policies and COVID-19 response framework adopted by the government; and
    b. provide guidance to the field officials in making informed decisions related to the implementation of the different learning delivery modalities appropriate to their context.
  • The capacity building program will have three courses for each group of target participants:
    a. Course 1 – Learning Delivery Modalities (LDM)
    b. Course 2- Learner Well-being and Welfare
  • Course 3 – Personal Welfare
  1. Course 1 (Learning Delivery Modalities) will be implemented first as part of the preparation for the opening of School Year on August 24, 2020 while Course 2 (Learner Well-Being and Welfare) and Course 3 (Personal Welfare) implementation schedule will be announced in a separate issuance.
  2. Course 1 (Learning Delivery Modalities) has two streams: Learning Delivery Modality Implementation and Management Stream (or LDM1 Course) and Learning Delivery Modalities and their Pedagogies Stream (or LDM2 Course).
  3. The main delivery modality of these LDM courses will be guided independent study through self-learning modules to be made available in electronic (offline/online) and printed versions. To support the training delivery modality, the Learning Action Cells (LAC) will be used as a platform where participants can engage in co-learning with others with the assistance of a coach.
  4. There will be assigned coaches/Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs) for the School Leaders, Division Leaders and Teachers as they undertake the courses such that each region will have a national coaching team composed of:

a. CO coaches (Specialists from the CO Bureaus, Services, Offices)
b. External Coaches from Education Forum Partners

The coaching mechanism shall be done in close coordination with NEAP in the Region (NEAP-R), and the Regional Field Technical Assistance Division (FTAD) to leverage the existing regional TA mechanism.

  1. The training courses will have two major components:
    a. Theoretical Component- this component involves the implementation of the modules containing the inputs and learning activities that will lead towards achieving the desired learning outcomes.
    b. Practicum Component – this component, considered as one Module, involves after-training activities that lead towards building the portfolio as
    demonstration of the desired learning outcomes of the participants relevant to their professional standards. The portfolio may be used as means of
    verification in the Results-Based Performance Management System.

9. To prepare the field for the implementation of the courses, the online Orientation for the LDM1 Course was conducted on July 1, 2020. The participants were
a. Regional Directors/ Assistant Regional Directors
b. Regional Supervisors constituted as Field Technical Assistance Teams
c. Focal Persons for NEAP in the Region (NEAP-R)
d. Schools Division Superintendents/ Asst. Schools Division Superintendents
e. Specialists from the Central Office Bureaus and Services
f. Education Forum Partners

10. Furthermore, the Training of Coaches was held on July 2-3, 2020 attended by the following:
a. Regional Field Technical Team
b. Specialists from the Central Office Bureaus and Services
c. External Coaches from Education Forum Partners

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