Teacher-Made Diagnostic Tool for Assessing Students’ Writing and Language Comprehension

Teacher-Made Diagnostic Tool for Assessing Students’ Writing and Language Comprehension

On five product variables, student writing can be evaluated: fluency, content, conventions, syntax, and vocabulary. Writing samples should also be analyzed to provide a full image of a student’s writing output across various text frameworks and genres across a range of purposes in writing.

These basic classrooms assist in the identification of strengths and weaknesses, lesson preparation, assessment of educational events, feedback, performance tracking, and progress reporting.

The first duty of a teacher is to provide students who try to write with opportunities for writing and motivation. The second duty of a teacher is to encourage the progress of students in writing.

The instructor does this by closely observing the writing of the students to identify strengths and weaknesses, teaching specific skills and techniques to respond to student needs, and providing careful input that will improve newly acquired skills and fix recurrent problems. On review, these roles show that evaluation is obviously an important part of successful instruction.

Therefore evaluation is an integral component of successful instruction. Airasian (1996) has described three forms of tests in classrooms. The first he named “sizing-up” tests, usually conducted during the first week of school to give the instructor quick details about the students before they begin their instruction.

For the daily tasks of preparing teaching, giving input, and tracking student progress, the second form, instructional evaluations are used. He referred to the third category as official assessments, which are the periodic standardized assessment functions for grouping, ranking, and reporting.


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