Microsoft Excel Free Skills Training for Teachers

Microsoft Excel Free Skills Training for Teachers

Teachers use it when comparing a pupil to their peers when they need to. So do businesspeople as they decide which offer(s) to hold and which to retire. Like scientists, who try to find out a dataset’s homogeneity.
About what am I speaking? Of course Microsoft Excel.
The three occupations are among the 80 percent job openings needing expertise in spreadsheets and word processing software. And too many people never give Excel a chance because there’s a bullying stigma surrounding it.

The bad news is “technological analphabetism, far less technophobia, for the modern worker is no longer a viable choice.

Perhaps you used Excel while you were in school to put in a few tables of numbers or connect two cells together. Yet Excel is much more complicated than that. You have learned, for example, that the software can do all the following:

Organize the data in a navigable manner
Do simple and complex math functions, so that you don’t have to
Turn piles of data into useful charts and graphics
Analyze the data and make projections
Construct, create and edit pixelated images (yes, it’s also used by creatives!)


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