Day 2 Registration Vibal Webinar Series September 2

Day 2 Registration Vibal Webinar Series September 2

Being a professional educator calls for a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes time to go to conferences and serve on committees, or, if necessary, intend to move along the path of education.

To the students who need it, it needs commitment to go the extra distance, and it requires persistence to continually grow and better appreciate the craft as a teacher.

Moreover, Vibal Group’s Initiated webinar series to develop teachers professionally and personally.

Visit their Facebook at Vibal Group.

Every webinar will be live every day from 2:00 to 3:30 pm on their Vibal TV Youtube Channel.

Registration Links

Everyone is encouraged to register and attend the webinars in preparation for the new normal set-up of education.

September 2 (FORM 1):

September 2 (FORM 2):

1. Fill out these forms to register.

NOTE: Kindly choose only one form per day/topic to fill-out.

2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel ( to get your e-certificates.

3. To download your certificate from the past week, please visit this page.

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