Vibal Group Webinar Registration: “Back to School: Preparing the Students and Schools for Success.”

Vibal Group Webinar Registration: “Back to School: Preparing the Students and Schools for Success.”

Join us in our Learn@Home FB Live session later at 7 p.m. with Dr. Leonilo Basas Capulso as he talks about “Back to School: Preparing the Students and Schools for Success.”

While this pandemic has brought a lot of changes to our lives, it is still evident that we are trying to cope with everything to help us continue with our lives. This has brought a lot of changes on our daily lives, particularly for the benefit of this webinar, our education.

It is very important that we find ways to continue learning. The world does stop just because of a pandemic. We need to keep going for our own benefit. It may be difficult but the least we can do is try.

Some may find it absurd to open the school year amidst the on-going crisis we are facing. Parents are most likely concerned about the safety of their children. In addidition, teachers who will be actively participating in opening of classes will be in much danger.

We can’t deny the fact that online and modular mode of learning are still not in their perfect shape. There are broken links and lines. But we are trying to improve everything in the best of our ability.

The main purpose of this webinar is to prepare both the students and school in the upcoming new normal. Since it is the first time to be implemented, both parties may find it difficult given the lack of expertise and knowledge with this mode of learning. However, we can entrust this to our beloved educators who will do the best they can to provide the most effective method of teaching for these students.

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