Keeping Students Engaged: A Practical Guide for Teachers-August 25 Registration

Keeping Students Engaged: A Practical Guide for Teachers-August 25 Registration

Student Engagement

Student participation in education refers to the degree of focus, enthusiasm, interest, ambition, and excitement displayed by students while learning or being taught, which leads to the level of encouragement they need to learn and improve in their education.

In general, the idea of “student engagement” is focused on the assumption that learning increases when students are inquisitive, interested or motivated, and that learning appears to fail when students are bored, dispassionate, disaffected or otherwise “disengaged.” Stronger student engagement or increased student engagement are common educational goals articulated by educators.

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Nevertheless, in many contexts student engagement can also refer to ways in which school administrators, educators, and other adults can “engage” students more deeply in school governance and decision-making processes, in curriculum design and learning opportunities, or in their community’s civic life.

For instance, many schools survey students to assess their views on any variety of topics, and then use the results from the survey to change policies or programs in ways that respect or respond to student views and concerns.

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We have another interesting live learning session coming our way!

Ms. Kim Derla will be joining us tomorrow and she will be sharing some tips on “Keeping Students Engaged: A Practical Guide for Teacher.”

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