COVID Positive rises over 800-DepEd

COVID Positive rises over 800-DepEd

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On Monday, the Department of Health ( DOH) said that from January 31 to August 23, 2020, 823 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were identified among students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

In a press conference, Director Ronilda Co of DepEd Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Service (DRRMS), said 490 of the cases had recovered from the disease.

Of the positive cases, there were 186 non-teaching personnel, 340 teachers and 297 students. Eight non-teaching staff were involved in the incidents, nine were teachers and six were students.

According to Co, COVID-19 transmissions included at least 14 of the confirmed cases in “work-related” settings.

Co emphasized that most of the patients contracted the disease outside the workplace and acknowledged that some patients had not yet identified the origin of transmission.

Instead of the COVID-19 threat, the DepEd agreed to restart classes through blended learning, which did not allow students to go to school or take part in classes, thereby avoiding potential virus transmission.

This also excluded about 60 percent of the curriculum to prepare for this coming school year’s remote learning method, whose opening was shifted from August 24 to October 5.

The department prepared for ways to provide students with education through self-learning modules, broadcast media , and the internet.

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