Why Do I Love Teaching?

Why Do I Love Teaching?

Jennifer Meneses-Pagdanganan, Teacher III
Marcelo H. Del Pilar National High School
City of Malolos, Bulacan

“To spend each day helping children unravel their uniqueness is the best job in the world. All I know how to do is teach and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

Melanie Perez

In all honesty, I didn’t imagine myself doing anything else or having any other profession but teaching, still after 21 years, I believe I made a noble career choice! But the journey arriving at such sincerity wasn’t at all perfect. Along were humps and bumps. The twists and turns. The struggle and wriggle. And all the misery and anxiety. In an effort to become a person of dignity and
reputation. In an attempt to become a good influence of the society. In order to inspire each and every child to aspire and desire so many good things in this world. In pursuit of quality in the quantities of the learnings they may obtain which could make them SOMEBODY in the future.

In teaching, one must be committed to the craft. Teachers must remain high-spirited and enthusiastic amidst every challenge, crisis or dilemma. Or otherwise, expected outcomes might be impossible to achieve. Because teaching is not just a profession but an unwavering and unswerving
commitment to serve without expecting anything in return. There is passion and compassion in this calling.

I have fathomed so many realizations after decades of ardent teaching. That being a teacher, our devotion and dedication entail thinking less of ourselves and always at the welfare and betterment of the children entrusted under our guidance and tutelage. Teaching must be something that we
really love to do with a belief that this isn’t just a career that will polish every child’s dreams and aspirations but a hope to fulfill their ambitions, make it happen and build and live out their goals.

There could be handfuls of many things one needs to sacrifice in teaching. It will consume most of the precious time, day in and day out, and most of the time setting aside priceless dates and occasions, planning and preparing for, again and again, a handful of many things.

This vocation i quite different from all other professions. It is not a run-of-the-mill profession because as always and all ways, all the time and each time one needs to selflessly share further mile of our schedule, yes, we try to exert and extend an extra mile and effort to reach out to them, handing out some
of our spare time and from time to time, imparting a piece of ourselves to not just one but all of them might be a taxing experience but we eternally remember of our mission and that our responsibility doesn’t end only for a day but as long as we carry that torch bringing light to them, our students. We became a part of them because we made them a great part of us.

Teaching may not be an encouraging profession for some but this profession is the most promising, uplifting, rewarding, gratifying and surviving career. Promising because we were able to nurture their God-given talents and gifts. educate young minds, instill values and inculcate virtues to their young hearts.
Hence, a divine feeling. Uplifting in a way that somehow, we were able to motivate, encourage and enrich them by sharing not just our knowledge but our thoughts about life and how to live life fruitfully. Thus, creating positive vibes.

person writing on notebook
Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Rewarding in the sense that no one had thought how happy they made us whenever a simple knowledge was understood despite difficulty learning the topic. It is so fulfilling. Gratifying because at the end of every day that they thanked us and acknowledged our efforts for a remarkable lesson and a blissful hour spent with them, is like a pat on our shoulder which meant
we did a good job. So satisfying.

And yes! Surviving as well, with all the nuisances in students’ misbehaviors, disagreements in certain policies, confrontations involving students’ differences and attitudes, dilemmas in students’ academic standings and more importantly, angst in our salaries, we are here.

Still here.

Braving the odds, looking at all your imperfections and weaknesses with silver lining. We are still here because we chose to stay. Because teaching is loving. A kind of love that is enduring. This makes this profession truly noble, an exception. And without a doubt, though cliché it may sound, I believe I got the best job! And for the universe to know, I too wouldn’t trade this job for anything in the world.

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