Stop COVID-19 by Ronald T. Salada

Stop COVID-19 by Ronald T. Salada

Written by Ronald T. Salada

The poem which is entitled ” Stop CoViD-19″ is a poem which talks about how we can stop CoViD-19 or how we can win the fight against the invisible and deadly coronavirus.

creative chalkboard with coronavirus inscription near fern leaves
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The poem talks about the very simple ways that everybody can do for us to win the fight against our invisible enemy. These are only simple ways but have great impact to everybody. Let us help one another in this fight against CoViD-19. If we are helping one another, for sure it has a good effect to our fight against the coronavirus.

It can really help us in our fight against the virus. Remember, in unity there is strength. Washing and sanitizing our hands, wearing face mask and face shield, observing physical distancing and asking the help of our God Almighty are simple ways that we can do but can really help us against the coronavirus infection. Let us all follow what the government is telling us since it is for our own good and for the goodness of our country in general.

Together, we can solve this problem. Together, we can heal us one.

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