(A Short Description)

Written by Roberto Natividad

This story is actually a true story of myself. Boyet is my nickname and Aling Delia is my mother’s name.

When I was a kid, I really never liked the taste of vegetables. I
was skinny, weak, and sickly. That’s how I was described by the people
around me. That is why my mother bought me vitamins so I would have
strong appetite and maybe eat vegetables. But, it just didn’t work. I just
became taller but I still hated eating vegetables. If my mother cooked
vegetables as our viand, I only picked those meats and the soup or totally, I
wouldn’t eat. When they put the veggies on my plate and forced me to eat
them, I just leave them on my plate. And the worst I’ve ever done was to
throw them away.

vegetables and tomatoes on cutting board
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The story of disliking the taste of vegetables and throwing them
are true. Moreover, I only imagined the last part which is the hallucination of
Boyet that every food he sees is a vegetable.

Well, now, everything has changed. I eat every vegetable except
bitter gourd and squash. And that’s another part of the story that’s true.

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