Making a Difference Amidst the Pandemic

Making a Difference Amidst the Pandemic

Featured story by Jennifer V. Rogelio

Distance learning has presented different challenges in every subject, especially in reading. Many elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines have a large number of struggling readers and even incapacitated readers despite years of teaching reading. The need to assist struggling readers is constantly growing.

Aside from this problem, we are also facing a health crisis that has a great impact on education. The question that arises now is how the teachers are going to teach reading and what will happen to the struggling readers now that face to face instruction is not permitted by the Department of Education because of the Covid-19.

With this issue at hand, Amadeo National High School came up with innovations that will surely help out the struggling students. The Project PaRT (Parents as Reading Teachers) and Take the Lead to Read Program was spearheaded by Mrs. Jennifer V. Rogelio, School Reading Coordinator, with the assistance and support from Mr. Emmanuel B. Bayot, Head Teacher of English department and Mr. Luis G. Vinegas, School Principal.

To take full advantage of the reading programs, Mr. Emmanuel B. Bayot and Mrs. Flornita T. Baybay made sure that the reading teachers assigned to every grade level both in English and Filipino subjects will work their fingers to the bone and go extra mile to aid the needs of the struggling readers.

The grade level reading teachers namely Caren Viojan and Cieline Angcao (grade7 reading teachers, in-charge), Kim Alexis Villaver and Rona Elamparo (grade 8 reading teachers, in-charge) Jerimae Fontanilla and Liezl Costelo (grade 9 reading teachers, in-charge) Chris Jane Marquez and Ailyn Agojo (grade 10 reading teachers, in-charge) will prepare the reading materials
for every quarter. Parents need not to worry about the reading materials that they will be using.

Distribution of the materials together with the learning modules will be done with the help of the barangay officials. As part of the education system, we believe that parental involvement is the key to literacy. With the project PaRT (Parents as Reading Teachers), learning will not only take place but the
attachment and bonding between the parents and their children will also bring life to the purpose of education at home.

Another innovative project of the school is the Take the Lead to Read program. The teachers and barangay officials will work hand in hand to assure that learning will take place at home. Barangay officials will also help the teachers in monitoring the progress of the struggling readers.

At this time of pandemic, each one of us can make a difference. We only have to devote ourselves to the community and make sure that we are touching lives that will lead in creating something that has purpose and meaning.

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