VIBAL GROUP WEBINAR: “Changing Perspective: Homeschooling in the Digital World”

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During this pandemic, it is essential that we make our way through the current changes we are experiencing. One of which is the risk of face to face schooling that will endanger the health and safety not only of the students but the teaching work force also.

DepEd has been very open to possible ways of pursuing education without having to jeopardize anyone’s safety. One of which, is homeschooling.

But are we ready to dive with homeschooling? One considerstion must be made is having experienced digital world. But how do we do it?

Join us as we talk about different perspectives that are readily available to push through with the use of homeschooling.

This will never be easy but odss favor those who are prepared. Enjoy new learnings that can be equipped as we start adapting to our new school system.

Homeschooling, though not entirely new, somehow feels novel as the pandemic continues to transform our lives.

In tomorrow’s discussion, Mr. Joram Kim Corcuera will help us achieve better understanding on how homeschooling will work in the digital age.

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