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It is indeed a difficult time that has fallen upon us. We cannot agree more to say that we need to prioritize our safety in this time of pandemic.

However, we must not let the situation hinder our desire grow and learn.

It is imperative that we continue our education. We must think of a way that will solve this current issue without sacrificing quality education.

One effective way is to promote e-learning. It makes use of the current technology available to us that will bridge the gap between the risk of this pandemic and pursuing education.

We all can agree that e-learning will help us cope up and eventually improve our nation’s way of systematic yet technology-dependent learning.

Through this, we will be able to secure our safety without jeopardizing our educational system.

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Dear educators, parents, and homeschoolers, you are all invited to join Vibal’s Learn@Home Facebook group, so you’re updated on the latest in homeschool teaching and learning, get resources for your homeschool learning needs, and share your thoughts and experiences in teaching and learning at home with your fellow homeschooling parents!

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